Hurry up and see the Multi Monitor Arms

We have good news for people interested in the creation of functional ergonomic workplaces. Wall and table mounts/arms for different numbers of monitors (one to six) are already in stock. Our solutions provide a variety of shapes and features, table and wall mount types with rigid monitor fixations or with customizable brackets, suitable for all different needs. Available for every taste and budget.

There are also more specific options like the professional panoramic mounts, allowing for four or six monitors be placed on a rack, in two rows. Placing multiple monitor saves office space and allows working with multiple documents and applications, instantly switching among tasks. Special storage places within these mounts allow the storing of wires and cables. We offer different colors and finishes for each option.

New items already in stock. Additionally, there are number of other very interesting desktop accessories for organizing the work area, solutions that are currently used in a variety of business segments - from standard office options to the more professional, monitoring, control and multi-complexes.

Hurry up and be among the first ones to test all their benefits!

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