Xilica is one of the leading manufacturers of digital audio platforms, DSPs and related equipment. They own a line of new generation 40-bit floating point audio processors that process signals as quickly and accurately as possible. Open architecture and user-friendly controls helped Xilica to conquer the market.

The company's product range includes modular processors and transcoders, audio platforms and classic DSPs. Their features include advanced echo cancellation and noise reduction algorithms, AES/EBU and Dante support. Ergonomics and software are thoroughly thought-out. Xilica Designer cross-platform software with visual customization via the Drag&Drop interface is used for routing, creating presets, macros and activating necessary elements.

The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Canada. The founders have a background in Adamson Systems Engineering. Xilica equipment is installed at the University of Cambridge, the Latvian National Theater, the Netherlands Concertgebouw and many other venues around the world.

  • Xilica — From office equipment to high-end solutions

    From office equipment to high-end solutions

    Solutions for projects with different signal processing requirements
  • Xilica — Simple controls

    Simple controls

    Proprietary technologies and integration with third-party controllers
  • Xilica — The heart of multi-zone installations

    The heart of multi-zone installations

    Complex routing and processing capabilities
  • Xilica — Customization and automation

    Customization and automation

    Open architecture. Presets, macros, GPI/O ports
Official website:https://xilica.com/

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