VHD is a leading manufacturer of professional video conferencing systems (VCS) for meeting and conference rooms. Its catalog contains PTZ and fixed cameras with Full HD support.

VHD products have received a number of prestigious awards, and the company itself is among the top 10 most successful manufacturers of video conferencing systems in China. VHD cameras surpass most analogs in terms of price-quality ratio and are not inferior to them in terms of hardware.

VHD products provide wide viewing angles, fast refocusing speeds, 30x optical zoom, rich preset library, Wi-FI, IP and USB support and other functions. Many cameras support H.265 encoding technology, which means high quality video transmission with minimal bandwidth requirements. All products are compatible with popular conferencing software, which is convenient for deploying the system in an existing infrastructure.

  • VHD — Realistic image

    Realistic image

    Focus on details with optical zoom
  • VHD — Affordable price

    Affordable price

    High-tech solutions for relatively low price
  • VHD — Multiple interfaces support

    Multiple interfaces support

    Wireless, HDMI, 3G-SDI, IP, USB, IR, RS-232
  • VHD — High quality electronic components

    High quality electronic components

    Panasonic image sensors
Official website:https://www.valuehd.com.cn/

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