Screen Goo

The unique Screen Goo coatings transform any flat surface into a quality projection screen. The first batch was released in 2000, and since then the company has been regularly creating new products: coatings for direct, rear and 3D projection, ready-made kits, colours and much more. They successfully replace more expensive vinyl screens, and in some cases, for example, for projection onto curved surfaces, they are completely irreplaceable.

No special skills or equipment are required to apply paints. Ready-made screens work even with low-power projectors - this is one of the reasons for the popularity of Screen Goo products. They are ideal for interactive installations and video mapping in showrooms, retail and education applications and as an alternative to small displays in home theaters.

Their products are used in projects like Disney World Of Colors, E3-2016, Adidas headquarters in Beijing, Virgin Active fitness club in Singapore, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, racing and flight simulators and other objects and events. The company is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

  • Screen Goo — Innovative technologies

    Innovative technologies

    Projection to almost any surface with minimal effort
  • Screen Goo — Ease of application

    Ease of application

    All you need is scotch tape, paint tray, roller and paint can
  • Screen Goo — Safety and durability

    Safety and durability

    Non-toxic water based acrylic paint
  • Screen Goo — Efficiency


    Bright images even with low power projectors

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