August 8th: Webinar on Kramer USB-C Solutions


Dear Friends,

We don’t simply invite you; we are positively longing to see you at our webinar dedicated to Kramer USB-C solutions, which will be held on August 8th at 14:00 (GMT+3:00).

The USB-C interface has turned from a means of connecting computer peripherals into a full-fledged high-speed multimedia interface, which virtually all personal devices are equipped with, making the topic of our webinar more relevant than ever.

For demonstration and discussion during our webinar, we have selected the KDS-SW2/SW3-EN7 4K AVoIP encoder-switchers, KIT-500 high−performance HDBaseT extender/scaler matrix kit, as well KDOCK active multiport adapters. Hot topic, very interesting devices...

Have you registered yet?! See you online soon.