Series 3 Can Solve Any Problem!


The switching core of your system is the MTX3-16-M modular matrix switcher. The compact 2U chassis has 8 slots, each of which can be equipped with a transmitter or receiver module. It allows you to create a matrix of the desired size: from 2×14 to 14×2 in steps of 2 outputs/inputs. The chassis supports signals up to 8K, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading it in the foreseeable future. In addition, a wide range of existing F-34 series 4K modules, equipped with HDMI, VGA, SDI, HDBaseT and optical ports, can be installed in the new chassis.

The EXT3 extenders will delivery signals from sources to your matrix, and from it to display devices. Most of them are based on the latest HDBaseT 3.0 chipset, capable of transmitting HDMI 4K60 (4:4:4), USB 2.0, RS-232 and IR signals over a twisted pair cable up to 40 m (EXT3-TR receiver/transmitter) or up to 100 m (EXT3-XR-TR). The latter device also allows 1 Gb/s Ethernet data transmission.

Series 3 functionality is complemented by dedicated HDBaseT 3.0 receivers and transmitters. The EXT3-C-XR-T transmitter has the same transmission capabilities as the EXT3-XR-TR, additionally it is equipped with a USB-C input. The EXT3-POE-XR-R receiver differs from the EXT3-XR-TR in its ability to receive PoE power over a twisted pair cable or act as a PoE source for remote devices.

Unlike the products listed above, the EXT3-U-KIT does not support HDBaseT 3.0, but it also provides 100 m of USB 2.0, RS-232, and audio extension. Thanks to PoC technology, it is possible to supply power to only one of the devices — the second device will receive power over a twisted pair cable. Note that the signal transmission distances indicated above are guaranteed when using the Kramer BC-UNIKat twisted-pair cable and directly connecting the devices, without intermediate elements between them.

Here is a table of Series 3 devices with corresponding devices with similar functionality that were previously present in catalog:

Series 3 Device Previous Name Highlights
EXT3-TR TP-600TR HDMI/USB Receiver/Transmitter 40 m
EXT3-XR-TR TP-600TRxr HDMI/USB Receiver/Transmitter 100 m
EXT3-C-XR-T TP-601CTxr USB Transmitter 100 m
EXT3-POE-XR-R TP-601Rxr HDMI/USB Receiver with PoE 100 m
EXT3-U-KIT PT-2UT/R-Kit USB 2.0 Receiver and Transmitter Kit 100 m