The KDOCK USB-C multiport adapters


The USB-C interface has truly become a global standard. The absolute majority of laptops, smartphones and tablets released around the world are equipped with USB-C ports, even Apple (albeit under pressure from the European regulations) is forced to abandon its proprietary Lightning connector in favour of USB-C. It is quite natural that there is a great interest in adapters and docking stations that allow users to connect various peripheral devices to their USB-C gadgets.

In keeping with the spirit of the times and with customer care in mind, Kramer offers a line of KDOCK active multiport adapters. Each of these four devices is equipped with a short cable with a USB-C connector and a specific set of output ports. The entry-level KDOCK-1 device has an HDMI output and two USB ports: USB 3.0 (Тype A) and a USB-C pass−through port capable of charging mobile devices (up to 60W) in accordance to the USB PD (Power Delivery) standard.

The next device in the lineup is KDOCK-2, it has an HDMI output, a USB-C charging (USB PD) pass-through port, two USB 3.0 (Тype A) ports, an Ethernet RJ-45 port and a SD card slot. KDOCK-3 has all the same ports as KDOCK-2, but unlike it, it also has a DisplayPort output.

KDOCK-4 is a full-fledged docking station with HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA video outputs and a wide range of ports including two USB 3.0 (Тype A), USB 2.0 (Тype A), USB Type-C charging (USB PD) pass-through ports, an Ethernet RJ-45 port, SD and MicroSD card slots and a 3,5 mm audio mini-jack. The device is designed as a pad with an anti-slip strip for secure placement of a laptop. There is also a folding stand for convenient placement of your smartphone at an angle to the table surface.

There are optional holder brackets available for fixing KDOCK adapters to the table surface. A common feature of all KDOCK line devices is support for video rates up to 10.2 Gb/s (3.4 Gb/s per channel) on the HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. It is important to note that in order to connect video signal receivers via HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA interfaces, it is necessary that the USB-C port of the user device supports video output mode (Alt mode).

You can find detailed descriptions and technical characteristics of all KDOCK devices on our website, they will help you choose the best device for yourself, your loved one, as well as make a wonderful (and most importantly useful) gift for those you care about!