Great concept: everything is in its place


Kondator allows you to build the most comfortable and functional workplace based on individual parameters of a customer. The Conceptum series has everything you need — more than 40 items in total.

Every workplace is based on 1 or 2 rows of aluminium profiles on vertical poles. Necessary elements are mounted on them at the required height. It`s also possible to install this profile on a wall or partition. As an example, let`s look at the basic 436-FXKIT1 system.

The 1000 mm rail is mounted on two 420 mm poles. The poles are fixed to the desk with clamps. The desktop thickness should not exceed 25 mm. After the system is installed, various accessories such as hinged brackets, monitor arms, whiteboards, shelves, trays for documents, peripherals, smartphones and office supplies, etc. are mounted on the rail.

There are specific accessory options including laptop shelves with vertical cable ducts, transparent employee or department name plates, holders for headphones and USB hubs (splitters), etc. It`s important to keep in mind that the combined weight of all mounted accessories should not exceed 25 kg. That`s the «Conceptum» concept from the Swedish brand :)

The Conceptum-based workplace can be upgraded by adding various useful Kondator accessories such as built-in or desk-mounted power sockets and USB chargers, connection modules, etc.

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