ErgoFount is a European supplier of furniture, mounts and accessories. ErgoFount is best known for its workplace solutions - from basic office or education options to advanced workstations for financial professionals, CCTV operators and telemedicine specialists.

Their solutions combine practicality and stylish design to create the most comfortable working conditions. Ergonomic tables and partitions, useful accessories for analytical and creative work, cable ducts, stands and mounts for displays, tablets and cameras, mobile stations, ErgoFount stands and mounts greatly increase the efficiency of all work processes, wherever you are and whatever tasks you set for yourself. The headquarters of the company is located in Lithuania.

  • Ergonomic


    Reduce muscle tension and eye strain, increase efficiency
  • Comprehensive


    Ready-made solutions for rational workspace organization
  • Stylish


    Equipment will fit into any interior
  • Comfortable


    Equipment can be easily customized for a specific user
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