Axiom is one of the world leaders in the development of professional acoustics for concert halls, outdoor venues and rental companies. The main part of their product range consists of active and passive line array loudspeakers, subwoofers, stage monitors and side-fill monitors. Their equipment uses Class D power amplifiers, 40-bit DSPs and the best 24-bit ADCs and DACs.

Axiom equipment and its components are manufactured in Italy. The company's engineers have developed a number of innovative solutions in the field of electro acoustics. An example of this is the innovative Manifolded Band Pass acoustic design, where two speakers face each other frontally to achieve contoured and firm bass in a more compact cabinet.

Axiom loudspeakers provide impressive range, reliability and ease of control required for live events. They are frequent guests at nightclubs, sports facilities and stage venues, and are regularly featured in riders of various performers. The company has offices in more than 120 countries around the world.

  • Axiom — Signature assertive sound

    Signature assertive sound

    Powerful sound thanks to cutting-edge technologies
  • Axiom — Innovative technologies

    Innovative technologies

    Efficient converters, quality electronics
  • Axiom — Good brand reputation

    Good brand reputation

    The equipment won’t let you down
  • Axiom — End user care

    End user care

    Simple connection, operation, transportation and installation

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