SKU: 935-PD10
Series: Powerdot
Brand: Kondator
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935-PD10 is a table surface built-in power socket with 4 cable through holes 2xШ 7mm, 2 x Ш 9,5 mm. Socket: Schuko / grounded 1.25m (3x1.5 mmІ); Drilling diameter 79 mm; max. tabletop thickness 30 mm, Total height 51 mm. Color: black.
Connectors on the front
electrical sockets CEE 7/4 (Germany)
Number of outlets 1
Suitable cable diameter (max.) 7 mm and 9.5 mm
Mounting hole (diameter) 79 mm
Power Cord Length 1,25 m
Mounting to the table PowerDot mortise or installation products
Countertop thickness 30 mm (max.)
Cable holes 4
Dimensions (⌀xH) 83 x 51 mm
Weight 0,3 kg
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