Wooden Charging Cart TBNB-32/24TA

Wooden Charging Cart for 32 tablets/ 24 notebooks, anthracite color, with timer

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Wooden Charging Carts  

32 tablets/ 24 notebooks
Standard wood color beech, grey. Wood color anthracite or any other combination  

Wooden Charging Carts were developed as a universal charging stations for both tablets and notebooks/netbooks alike. Their innovative construction enables charging of both tablets and notebooks/netbooks at the same time. Simply turn on the switch and all appliances will start to charge via its original adaptors. Charging module provides delayed charging of 6 or 8 units simultaneously that prevents electric surcharge. Once the cart is disconnected from the mains socket charging module prevents reverse electric shock. Due to its universal charging possibilities it presents a unique solution especially in classrooms or offices where you need to charge either tablets or laptops.  

- Capacity: 3 sizes for 12/8, 24/16 or 32/24 - tablets / 15” notebooks (vertical placement)
- Sockets, located on 6 or 8 outlet power strips, which can be switched by separate on/off switch
- 2 outside sockets for external use and 1 inside socket for router or similar device
- LAN connector RJ 45 on the back side as router access point
- Internal shelves, height adjustable, with separators for organized storing/charging
- Compartment for storing other devices (printer, server, projector, etc.)
- Electronic control unit (Vega's charging module) with integrated power switch, thermal fuse, and sequenced charge start – “soft start”
- Cooling fans on both sides to assure controlled inner temperature and prevent overheating
- 2,5 m detachable power cord (main power cord)
- 4 wheels, 2 with brake - Front doors and rear (service) door with lock
- Two handles on the top plate (optional)
- Security system – two security locks (optional)
- Timer – controlled start of charging (optional)
- Available colors beech, light grey and anthracite. Other color combinations available upon request