USB Metal Charging Cart MTB-16AT

USB Metal Charging Cart for 16 tablet, anthracite color, with timer

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USB Charging Cart was developed as a universal USB charging stations for 16 tablets and/or smart phones.
Each USB port provides optimum charge level for each device (up to 2.4A as needed for quick-charging). USB charger is also suitable for charging or supplying power to any other device that can be charged or powered through a USB port without a host connection (POS scanners, MP3 players, 3D glasses, Bluetooth headsets and more). Due to its universal charging possibilities it represents a unique solution especially in classrooms or offices where you need to charge tablets, smart phones or any other USB chargeable device.

Technical details:
- Functionality: Charge Only
- Number of Ports: 16 Ports per shelf
- Output Voltage per Port: 5.2V Max. (Controlled by Power Supply)
- Output Current per Port: 2.5A Max. (Programmable Current Limit between 250 mA–2.8)
- Output Connectors: USB Type - A receptacle
- Supported Charging Schemes: DCP-AUTO Divider 3, 1.2V mode (D+/D- shorted and bias to 1.2V), BC1.2 DCP compliant devices, Chinese Telecom Standard YD/T 1591-2009 compliant devices.