MSBT 1000-LC

Interactive Board Mount

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Universal mount enables the adjustment of the interactive board together with the projector for 50 centimetres from its basic position. This action eliminates the necessity of recurring calibration of the board. Together with our WMS 600 stand it provides for effortless movement between different locations. All additional devices can be placed on to nicely designed shelf.
Universal mount enables fitting of various boards from all major manufacturers, fitting of boards weighting from 16 kg to 75 kg, fitting of boards with various dimensions ranging from 60'' to 105'', fitting of boards with various aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 16:10), fitting of various projectors from all major manufacturers, fitting of projectors with various throw ratios (ultra short and short throw), fitting of projectors equipped with it’s own arm with the use of adapter plate, fitting of projectors without their own arm with the use of our mounting system, easy passage through doors with minimum door dimensions 195 x 85 centimetres (folded), easy folding of the projector with the use of unique gas spring system, easy vertical movement of the board with the projector (50 centimetres) with the use of electric motor, easy cable management. Max. load capacity: 65 kg (140 kg with stronger motor). Mounting via long console (intended for projectors that do not have their own arm).